Dolly Parton Jokes She ‘Made A Better Whore Than A Secretary’ Onscreen

Dolly Parton is laughing about the wide range of characters she’s played in her years in Hollywood. The country songstress and actress showed off her signature sense of humor while chatting with Tim McGraw for Apple Music’s “Beyond the Influence Radio.” She told Tim that all of her roles - from a beautician in “Steel Magnolias,” to a secretary in “9 to 5,” to a brothel owner in “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” - weren’t too far of a stretch from her real-life personality and included pieces of her. “When I read that part for ‘9 to 5’ it was a girl from Texas and she was so much like me anyway, so that was not that far-fetched. Even ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’,” she said, adding as a joke, “Although I made a better whore than I did a secretary!”

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Dolly Parton Jokes She ‘Made A Better Whore Than A Secretary’ Onscreen

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