Mandy Moore Pumps Breastmilk While Climbing Mountain

Mandy Moore is one multi-tasking mom! The “This Is Us” star pumped breastmilk while on a strenuous hike five months after giving birth to her son, August. Mandy shared a first-hand peek at the all-night expedition, heading up Mount Baker in Washington with a few friends at midnight. She and her crew hit the summit just after sunrise which, Mandy joked on her Instagram story, wore her out even more than new motherhood has!
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Mandy Moore Pumps Breastmilk While Climbing Mountain 5 Months After Giving Birth

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  • Nice...especially for other hikers who walk in her direction. Too bad some people dont have manners and use having a child like a getbout of jail free card to act like their real selves:Exhibitionists!!🤮

    Bethany-FaithBethany-Faith8 күн мурун
  • She's awesome. Kuddos for pumping while hiking!! Not sure I could do that 😉

    Julie MillerJulie Miller8 күн мурун
  • We need to know this …… why ?

    Patrice BPatrice B8 күн мурун